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Query failing due to resource limit reached or DB2 error

Howdy, We have a user who is performing a query sleection on a virtualized view. The customer has tried two different approaches to complete the query. One, with DATA MOVEMENT ENABLED. And another with DATA MOVEMENT DISABLED. **enabled** with DATA_MOVEMENTPLAN enabled - ERROR - UNSUCCESSFUL EXECUTION DUE TO RESOURCE LIMIT BEING EXCEEDED. this is set on the DATABASE level (DB2PROD). DB2PROD is CANCELLING the query due to using too much CPU. OPTION: Work with DBA to increase CPU allotment (not likely to win that battle)   **disabled** with DATA_MOVEMENTPLAN disabled- ERROR - No space left on device (this is because data_movement plan is not enabled and the temporary data must be stored on the server / box itself using memory or disk space. This is hitting a maximum. OPTION: Dig into 'no space available' and work to increase that space. Questions: What space is being eaten up on the server and hitting max? How can the user complete the query?
02-05-2023 15:06:20 -0400

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Hi, I would recommend that you review the execution trace of the query to see where the query is failing and the Denodo Monitor logs to see if there is sufficient disk space on the machine. The error "No space left on device" usually occurs when the server does not have enough disk space to perform swapping. This is similar to another question [here]( You could refer to the section [Configuring the Memory Usage and Swapping Policy]( of Virtual DataPort Administration Guide for more information. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
02-05-2023 20:59:22 -0400
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