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Swagger API for (Updation of VCS Configuration) particular Virtual Database

Hi Team, We are planning to develop shell script, We will try to update VCS Configuration using the "CURL". Do we have any swagger api for this particular context. POST method or similar kind of. Operations like VCS turn off/on -> credentials and branch updation and vcs pull with local/remote changes. We want to automate this. Please let us know if we have any. Thanks -PS
25-05-2023 00:32:14 -0400

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Hi, In Denodo you can write, export and import VQL scripts which you can utilize for your intend. For more information in how to execute the import of your VQL scripts in your OS console, refer to the section [Import Script]( of the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide. To change the VCS Configuration of you server you can edit the *VDBConfiguration* PROPERTIES file under *<DENODOHOME>/conf/vdp*. There you will find the section *VCS options*. You will need to edit the parameters you will find there by using the *SET* command in your VQL script. Example: > SET 'com.denodo.vdb.vdbinterface.server.vcs.VCSConfigurationManager.url' = 'http://your_vcs_url'; > SET 'com.denodo.vdb.vdbinterface.server.vcs.VCSConfigurationManager.useKerberos' = 'false'; > SET ... For VCS operation commands such as Pull/Commit... refer to the section [Version Control Systems Integration Commands](, of the Virtual DataPort VQL Guide. Note that using VCS-related commands manually or through CI/CD processes is not recommended by Denodo, as these are commands designed to be used by the Administration Tool and the Design Studio. As to how to turn on VCS on or off on a Virtual Database, you can use the ALTER DATABASE command in your import script. Here you can see an example: > ALTER DATABASE ci_cd_developerdb > VCS ON ( > REMOTEDB = ci_cd_maindb > ); You can learn more about the syntax of the ALTER DATABASE command, specifically on how to change VCS settings for your database in the section [Creating and Modifying Virtual DataPort Databases ](,Version%20Control%20System,-The%20Version%20Control)of the Virtual DataPort VQL Guide. I hope this information covers all the information you were looking for!
Denodo Team
30-05-2023 06:15:52 -0400
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