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Notification of custom policy deactivation

Hello, I'm working on a project where we use a custom policy in Denodo. That policy restricts access to sensitive data. Somehow, it was deactivated. We were wondering if a notification can be triggered if a custom policy is deactivated or activated. Is that a functionality in Denodo? Thank you, Marc F.
12-06-2023 10:56:26 -0400

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Greetings , I would recommend investigating the reasons behind the deactivation of the custom policy first. In this case, enabling / disabling the policy should be limited to certain users only. Verifying the Virtual DataPort logs located in <DENODO_HOME>/logs/vdp will assist in finding such information or any possible errors. Take note that Denodo evaluates the developed policies based on certain [rules]( Implementing the Custom policy as an option/restriction in a [global security policy]( is a recommended approach since it can be easily applied and managed. As for automating notifications , you could make use of the [Handler]( feature in Denodo Scheduler component. However, you would need to configure a relevant timely-based job that would test the queries relevant to your custom policy or invoke a stored procedure such as [GET_CATALOG_EFFECTIVE_PERMISSIONS]( to gather relevant information. For more information check out the following references: [Custom View Policies]( [How to debug Denodo custom extensions with Eclipse]( to debug Denodo custom extensions with Eclipse?category=Custom+Elements) Hope this helps !
Denodo Team
14-06-2023 10:16:40 -0400
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