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Pivoting data

Hi I have a view called "marketplace" Fields: id, name and value I would like to put the id in rows, name in columns and values in the row or column for that id and name. id Name Value 001 ABC 123 002 ABC 123 001 BCD 123 to Id ABC BCD 001 123 002 123 001 123 Thanks DF
06-07-2023 00:32:28 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, There are various solutions you can consider to pivot the data in your view. One way is implementing a logic that executes built-in functions like CASE WHEN, MAX, COUNT, etc. You can refer to the knowledge base article [How to Pivot and Unpivot Views]( for a detailed guide on how to do this. Alternatively, you can also pivot the data using Denodo’s extended custom function. You can check the answer in the community question [here](, which guides you on how to pivot data using [Denodo Xtrafuncs]( for VDP. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
07-07-2023 03:26:08 -0400
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