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Hi Team, We have a created a derived view with nested structure and published as a Rest API * { "name": "testview", "elements": [ { "companyName": [ { "empID": "123", "CountryCode": "FR", "Name": "ABC", "JoiningDate": "2023-07-10", "profile": "N" } ] }* I am able to query if a simple view but not with nested structure. I used the URL -$filter=(companyName).empID=123 but i am receiving error --> "message": "The field '(companyName).empID' does not exist." Can anyone help on how i can query a speficic ID/Name from the 'companyName' array ? Thanks, Sandy
10-07-2023 13:50:20 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, The condition '(companyName).empID' cannot be used to filter an array. In VQL you can do something like company_name[0].empid = '123'. However I don't think this makes sense since you would filter the entire row only for the first element of CompanyName array. I would suggest you to flatten your derived view at *CompanyName* level to convert the arrays in a tabular format. By doing that you will be able to query your view with: `http://<you_rest_api_view_url>?$filter=empId='123'` Have a look at [Creating Flatten Views]( Hope this helps
Denodo Team
12-07-2023 04:23:28 -0400
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