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Connecting to denodo from .net core 3.0

I am using .net core 3.0 with entity framework core . Is there an article somewhere detailing how to connect to denodo vdp using ef core and .net core. I tried connecting like a postgres database using Npgsql and it does not work.

.Net core Entityframework Npgsql


Access Through an ADO.NET Data Provider - Supported NPGSQL versions

Dear Denodo Team, actually we are using NPGSQL version 2.2.7 to connect to VDP server, as recommended by you, but after disabling TLS versions 1.0/1 at our environments, these drivers are not working anymore. At following page Denodo recommends to us...

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npgsql driver

for the DEN80EDU16BDS03VID02 the " Using the ADO.NET Data Provider " from where and how to download the npgsql driver ? i could not do all the steps something is missing even after downloading and in...

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Npgsql using EF Core

While trying to connect to the Denodo VDP using the sample set provided I am getting the NpgsqlException: Unknown message code 43. Looking at the VDP error log on the server it shows that there is some error with the Kerberos authentication: Error: au...

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ErrorMessage while open connection to Denodo via npgsql in c#

Hi, I am trying to connect to Denodo (Version 7), via c# code. I installed npqsql (version 4.0.6) and created a connection string with: {host} {port} {username} {passwd} {database} and the SSL-Mode as required. (user and pwd combination was checked...

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Connect to Denodo with C# via Npgsql

Good Morning, I am trying to connect via C# to Denodo. My connection string is ssl encrypted. Code is running in catch-branch by connection open. The following message is given: {"Received unexpected backend message ParseComplete. Please file a bug."...

C# Received unexpected backend message Npgsql