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Invalid Object error

I have created Denodo base on SQL stored procedure which is using SQL Global global temporary table (##), i am getting below error, when two users are trying to execute same denodo view Error: Invalid object name '##Org_Data' Do i need to setup some ...



Creating a Multidimentional Datasource | SQL Server analysis Services

Hello, We have created a Multidimentional Datasource of SQL Server analysis Services. I have followed the Denodo article - (have also followed all the Previ...

Multidimensional Data Source Denodo_SQL_Server DataSource


Cannot Create BaseView Form SQL Server Partition Table

I will create 6 baseview from sql datasource, i'm not sure the table have partition table or not. But on denodo only 1 table created and another table error (conflict table name). Illustration, i will create base view - + ...

on conflict partition Create Base View Baseview Denodo_SQL_Server SQL


Pass-through security for SQL Server data sources

Currently we are using LDAP and Active Directory to allow users to authenticate to data sources in Denodo. We would like the capability to ignore this and use pass-through authentication, based on SQL Server permissions. In other words, if a user has W...

SQL Server Active Directory Denodo_SQL_Server pass-through


Connecting to Microsoft SQL Server

Can you guys show the steps on how to connect to Microsoft SQL Server to import data and to virtualize it in Denodo? Like how you guys did in the link attached below for MySQL. And currently I am using Denodo 7.0 (which is the latest version), but the ...

Denodo_MySQL Denodo_SQL_Server