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Cache tables storing multiple cache records

Refers to Denodo 7. One of my cache tables stores multiple caches, although it is set up to invalidate all rows. Only when calling 'clean_cache_database' the invalid rows are being removed and the table gets cleared. Other very similar cache tables nev...



What specific value is represented by @LAST_REFRESH_DATE

Hello there, we are trying to implement a generic incremental cache load where we only update rows, that have been changed since the last time the cach load job ran. But to evaluate, whether our method is valid, we need to know, which timestamp is exa...

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How to load the cache for specific views in a job?

Hi, I have scheduled a cache job in scheduler and there are around 50 views in that job. I have scheduled it for every 2 hrs. Now the thing is that every time I do not have to load cache for all the views instead I want to load the cache for some view...

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one job in scheduler to refresh multiple views

Is there a way to have one cache job that refresh multiple views? we have a process that we had to set up 26 separate refresh jobs and I am wondering if there is a better, more efficient way of doing this?

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Incremental cache mode

Hello team, i have a blocking point regarding the incremental cache. as i red on the manual the full incremental is only used on base views , in my case my base view needs a token to be lanched , so whenever a schdeuled the cache the acces token is n...

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Bulk Data Load API error in Denodo 8.0

I have followed the below steps to configure databricks as cache and mpp in denodo 8.0 from this link Everything is OK but querying table...

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If Cache Scheduler fails can it call data source directly using FULL cache mode?

Hello, I have one view and full cache mode is applied on it and it is scheduled to run everyday on 8PM, so in full cache mode view will never hit datasource, SUppose scheduler went down due to any reason, now my question is: Q. Can we call data sourc...



VQL to show all cached sources and when it was last refreshed?

Is there a way to get a result set that has the view, number of rows and the last cache refresh date? I want to make this a data set availbe easily to end-users to see when the cache was last updated. I have scoured the user documentation but do not ...



CONTECT('cache'= 'off') is not fetching data from sources

Hi Team, I'm using Denodo 7.0. I have a derived view dv_join which has several intermediate views. Full cache mode is enabled for this view and Oracle is the cache DB. Loading the cache for this view is taking around 1 hour to complete. I want to s...

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How do I find the denodo-incremental-cache-load-{vdpversion}-{version}-jar-with-dependencies.jar file on the support site?

I know the denodo-incremental-cache-load-{vdpversion}-{version}-jar-with-dependencies.jar file is on the support website because I found another user's question that has that bit of information in it (

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