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Execution time increased after turning on the Cache

I am having around 20 services created whose base views are cached and indexed. The performance(execution time) of all the services was improved when I switched to cache database except one service. This one service execution time is increased to more ...

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Retry unless Date_Column date matches with CURRENT_DATE()

I want to create a VDP job in scheduler which must keep retrying unless the column returns a row which is equal to CURRENT_DATE() select count(*) from Table where Date_Column = CURRENT_DATE() This query must get completed in scheduler only if the cou...

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Scheduler: Delay till the data gets loaded in actual databases

I have a scheduled VDPCache job which starts every Saturday at 12:00. The actual databases from where the cache data gets loaded will undergo a weekend processing and gets new data. Sometimes this processing will takes long time than expected. If I kee...

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Scheduler: Truncate cache tables instead of invalidating.

I have a scheduled VDPCache job which starts every Saturday at 12:00. It invalidates the data for All Rows and load the cache every weekend . This makes the Cache Database keep a lot of invalidated data which is of no use and the disk space consumption...

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Throwing exception com.denodo.util.exceptions.InternalErrorException: Error executing query

Hello, I am trying to run VDPCache jobs in the Scheduler. For a particular table, I gave the parameters for year column 2001, 2002, 2003......2017 so it can cache one year after the other in a sequence. But, I am seeing an error while the scheduler is...

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Cached data getting deleted as soon as it is done caching in SQL database

Hello, I am trying to cache the data using scheduler. There are around 30 views to be cached. 23 of them are having less data (around 10000 all together) and 7 of them are having heavy data (around 80000000 rows all together). So I created two VDPCach...

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Denodo DVP 6.0 and SQL Server Performance

Community, I'm fairly new to the forumsd, so please be patient with me. I configured a SQL Server 2014 data source using the SQL Server 2014 JDBC driver and noticed poor performance characteristics when issuing a query using a varchar field as the se...

Slow Query Response SQL Server Table scans of Text fields Ignores Server Indexes


Unable to see tables VDP when connecting to a SQL Server

I'm currently able to connect to SQL server databases in my environement using the JDBC connector, when I want to create base views I expand the data source where it's only displaying SQL security roles and not any orther objects like tables and views ...

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NULL is not handled in INNER JOIN

Hi, I am new with Denodo. I have two simple views. One coming from Sql Server and another Redshift. For exmaple: View 1: Name: v1 Source: SqlServer Column: col1 long View 2: Name: v2 Source: Redshift Column: col1 text In v2, col1 can be NULL. I am r...

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Using NOLOCK hint in VQL Select statement

Is it possible to use NOLOCK hint in select statement on SQL Source

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