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Dfs custom wrapper deployment

Custom core-site.xml file: In the configuration on custom wrapper data source in development environment, the core-site.xml is created and stored in particular local location in the denodo server. When we do promotion of this data source from develo...

dfs input filter in core-site.xml custom wrapper deployment


Dfs custom wrapper

Denodo Version : 8 I am trying to fetch the file from minIO and data source connection is sucessfull. When I try to create baseview I'm getting this below error. I am using dfs custom wrapper and selected class name as "com.denodo.connect.dfs.wrapper...

dfs custom wrapper


core-site.xml configuration on other environments

Hi Team, We are using DFS wrapper which requires that core-site.xml file which needs to be configured. How can I export this file to prod environment using Revision or do we have any other way. Thanks

dfs dfs configuration


Credential setup for "Distributed file system data source -- (H)DFS parquet file wrapper

Hi team, I am reading document "" to setup data source and wrapper for hfds parquet file, I understand we need...

dfs security credential connection was forcibly closed hdfs wrapper parquet