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Base view from query using temp tables (SQL server)

I can't seem to create a base view from a query that uses a temp table. From looking around online/on the forums, this seems like an intentional limitation due to the session-limited lifetime of temporary tables. However, this seems like a bad limita...

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Can I perform periodic updates of the base view definition?

Hi, I created base views from SharePoint List Data Sources using OData. As data source definitions are modified from time to time, I would like to poll them periodically and update their definitions. Is there some VQL statement to update base view defi...

OData Source refresh Baseview Base View configuration


Invalid Identifier(too long) Error

Hi team, We are unble to create the base view with length maximun to some Extend. We tried to run the below script , but we are getting the same error set 'com.denodo.vdb.catalog.Catalog.identifiersMaxLength' = '110' Syntax error: invalid identifier:...

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Same Query Returns different number of records in Baseview and Derivedview

Hello Team, I have created 2 baseview(bv_studies, bv_results) of dfferent sources in Denodo. After that, I have created one derived view(dv_final) from these baseview with Inner Join. I am passing 2 parameters to bv_studies. Now the problem is, while ...

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Unable To Create Base View

Dear all, Hi, i have an prablem on my local server especially denodo server. I just add new connection from APS (sql server) and tried to create base view, but i can't directly create base view so i must create base view from query and working. Pleas...

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Cannot Create BaseView Form SQL Server Partition Table

I will create 6 baseview from sql datasource, i'm not sure the table have partition table or not. But on denodo only 1 table created and another table error (conflict table name). Illustration, i will create base view - + ...

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How to create self-referential data source?

Hello Denodo experts, I want to create a base view from query from a self-referential data do I create this self-referential data source? Please advise. Thanks!

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XML Datasource unable to "Create Base View"

Followed the following: Created & Saved XML datasource with "GET" method for external "HTTP Client" url, with Proxy as "Default" and Authentication as "Basic" and provided correct userID and Password. I am able to Save and do test connection succes...

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