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Error when creating remote table in denodo express

i have an error when creating remote table from denodo express my base source in oracle and target in MySQL error message Error creating remote table Error executing VQL query. QUERY [VIRTUAL] [ERROR] QUERY [JDBC WRAPPER] [ERROR] QUERY [JDBC ROUTE]...

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Remote table Vs Cache

What is the difference between remote table and cache

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Can't create Remote table, Denodo says that the view was not found, but it exists

Hello I am trying to create a remote table in DEN80EDU23DS06 as follows: SELECT * FROM CREATE_REMOTE_TABLE() WHERE remote_table_name = 'bv_cc_case_call_remote' and query = 'SELECT call_id, location_id, problem_code, status_code, date_ticket_issued, dat...

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Create a birmap indexes in a remote table

Hi, Is there a way to create a bitmap index in a remote table ? Pierre SANGUINETTI

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Remote table Creation

Hi All, I am trying to create remote table in VQL shell and it gives syntax error between Create and remote Please help me to create a remote table in mysql already enabled the bulk data load api and mysql varaible local_infile to on Not able to see th...

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Error executing CREATE_REMOTE_TABLE stored procedure

I am getting the error below while executing the CALL CREATE_REMOTE_TABLE () stored procedure. Finished with error: error invoking stored procedure: Stored procedure 'create_remote_table' not found Any ideas or anyone encounter this earlier?

Denodo stored procedure remote table Stored Procedure