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Get data from Tableau to Denoda. Is it possible?

I need to import tableau crm data to denodo. Is that any way to import tableau data to denodo vritualiation tool.

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How to connect Denodo with SSL certificate in Tableau?

Hi, Can any one provide me the steps to coonnect tableau with Denodo if SSL is enabled in Denodo server. I am also trying to connect by tableau but unable to get the option to attache public SSL certificate.

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Tableau Server Version: 2019.2.2 can't connect to Denodo V7 using SSL

Hi, We can't seem to figure out what is causing Tableau Server to be unable to connect to Denodo V7 when the latter is in SSL. Anybody got a similar issue?

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Problem with Denodo - Tableau Connection

I have some problems in the connection between Denodo and Tableau. I guess I had correctly succeded in the connection... ..., but Tableau seems that can not see the base view of my Denodo’s DB (Tableau) P.s. When I run the initial sql select * from ...

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Connecting Tableau to Denodo

How do we conenct tableau to denodo? When i select Denodo in Tableau it need inputs like Server : Port : Database: Authentication: Username : Password : Can someone tell me with example where do i get these details?

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PSQL ODBC for Connecting Denodo 5.5 with Tableau 10.3

Hi Team, I need to connect Denodo 5.5 with Tableau 10.3(64bit) using ODBC DSN(64 bit). As mentioned in Denodo KB we are using Postgre SQL ODBC Driver for creating the DSN but we are facing issue while searching Schema and Denodo VDP views in Tableau. T...

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