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View delegation to Snowflake source

Hi , We are having code delegation issue in Snowflake. We are having the same code in oracle , the same code delegates to Oracle source, but when we try to execute the same code in snowflake , denodo optimizer takes another path and it wont delegate at...

Denodo Delegate Snowflake query-plan query-trace


Creating materialized tables in Snowflake

Hello. I have an online data source from which I extract data in Denodo. The data source has lots of rows of data corresponding to many months in the past. I want to retrive, every month, the data related to the month just ended and use it to create ...

snowflake Materialized View Materialized Table


Description in base views for

Hello, I want to create base views from Snowflake views. They are created well except for the descriptions of the numeric fields without decimals. Indeed, in the VQL I see that the description is correctly retrieved but then when it creates the base vi...

snowflake Base View descrptions Decimal Type


Create Base Views only from certain Snowflake databases

Hello, I used the Snowflake JDBC 3.13.1 Driver to connect to Snowflake from Denodo. When creating the data source i filled in values for the database, the chema and the warehouse in the Database URI (this is the pattern for the URI : jdbc:snowflake://...

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How to import snowflake stored procedures in Denodo

We can't able to import snowflake stored procedures into Denodo , can you please let us know if any work around .



Collate functionality with Like operator

As denodo does not have collate functionality, i have written a custom function that delegates collate to snowflake server and I am trying to use like operator in denodo vdp client with collate as shown below, SELECT * FROM <myview> where colla...

snowflake denodo like operator collate with like


Snowflake connection - change warehouse based on e.g. a particular role

Hi, With Snowflake as our backend, we keep track of the compute consumption per departement. Users are assigned a "department role" and each departement role uses a dedicated warehouse. How can I do something similar in Denodo? I want to give users acc...



Virtualization of my data warehouse snowflake

Hi, I created a unified view of my datasource of snowflake. When i make an update in my table on snowflake, i saw that the change is made also on my view on denodo. And i don't want the update appear in the view on denodo. Is it possible ? Thank you

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Creating A Base View On Snowflake Stored Proc/ Multiple Statements

Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me if there was a way to create a base view on snowflake stored procs. What I am trying to do is: Run the stored proc Capture the result of the proc The Snowflake statments are like these: -----CALLING ...

snowflake Base view Create Base View Stored Procedure


Timestamp Issue

Hi, During our PoC with Denodo, we faced some issues related with Timestamp-NTZ and Timestamp-LTZ column types. When we include these fields in Base View (or SQL based Base View) columns are mismatching. Basically, denodo cannot determine the column(s...

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