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Identify delta for source indexes

I'm aware - with the stored procedure 'source_change', we are able to identify changes (like field added/removed/property changes) for underlying source. I observed this does not identify changes in indexes (added/dropped) in underlying database. Plea...



Enforcing source alignment within base views

Hi there, Is there a method where any changes made on a source table can be automatically 'enforced' on a base view table? The purpose being the ability to always keep base views in line with the LAG version of its source table? Likewise, should the s...

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SOURCE_CHANGES() Create Base View


Alert Configure after Detect Changes in Data Source (Oracle DB)

Hi team, I already knew that we can detect changes in data sources as shown in the following help page. After detecting the changes...

alert datasource SOURCE_CHANGES()


SOURCE_CHANGES() error out with following error: The following fields are obligatory: table_name

Hi Team, I am referring to below link and trying to automate source changes refresh. But when I run below statement i am getting b...

The following fields are obligatory: table_name SOURCE_CHANGES()