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Reconciliation Mechanism in Denodo

Hi Team, We have a use case wherein the Business expects the data to be reconciled on a weekly basis, if the reconciliation is successful, data between source and denodo matches then the data should be refreshed to the final view, if not then the final...

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Denodo connect to GIT with SSO login

Hello, is there a way to connect denodo with a GIT instance which has SSO login. I am using a GIT instance which has SSO login and want to integrate it with denodo. Thanks

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VCS Management is disabled

Hi team, we are trying to configure git in denodo 8,but VCS Management is disabled in the Administration tab.Please suggest us how to enable it. Thank you

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VCS Management Disabled

Hi, Could you please help me how to enable the "VCS Management" option in Virtual DataPort Server Configuration. currently it showing disabled. Where I can find the diff viewer tool to compare the content of conflicting elements when performing chec...

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How to Delete Database from GitHub when it is Deleted from VDP Admin Tool

I have GitHub for Version Control. When I delete a Denodo Database using VDP Admin Tool, the database disappears from the VCS Management list but does not disappear from GitHub. How can I make it so the database also gets Deleted from the GitHub repos...

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Reverting changes to Virtual Databases that are under VCS Control?

Hello! I have many databases that are connected to our VCS system (SVN) and I'm able to run the checkin and checkout. However, many times I've made some changes to a data source or view that I want to UNDO... I want to throw my change away and revert...

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What Version Control Systems does Denodo integrate with?

I wanted to get a list of version control systems that Denodo is known to integrate with. In the Administrator Guide for Virtual DataPort 5.5 on page 316 it gives examples of Subversion (SVN) and Microsoft TFS. Are there any other systems that integrat...

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What is the best way to handle branching while using Denodo and SVN?

Hello! We are using Denodo 5.5 and have been using the VCS integration with SVN to checkin our changes. However, we are starting a multi-month project and wanted to create a separate branch to do the work. The reason for doing this is that the trunk...

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