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Alert Configure after Detect Changes in Data Source (Oracle DB)

Hi team, I already knew that we can detect changes in data sources as shown in the following help page. After detecting the changes...

alert datasource SOURCE_CHANGES()


Email Alerts

Hi, Is it possible to send out emails when there is a change in record counts or if new records has been inserted in the view?

record count alert email


Getting alert "The VDP Server and the Administration Tool have different updates" whenever I try to login to Denodo Server from the local client

I am using Denodo Virtual DataPort Version 6.0. Whenever I login to Denodo Server from my local machine. I get following alert -"The VDP Server and the Administration Tool have different updates: VDP Server: 6.0.201800216 Administration Tool: " Could ...

VDP alert Administration Tool


Error while sending email through "email-exported-files" plugin

I am trying to send an email through "email-exported-files", but I am getting below error.. “ Handler Errors: {email-exported-files=[Not found parameter: the message cannot be sent. Missing configuration parameter: 'Mail/password']}” Please help me to ...

alert Denodo Scheduler 6.0 email Scheduler Mail Configuration


Email Alert/Notification for errors/failures

Hi, I would like to find out if there is any way we can set Alerts & Notifications if there are any errors or failures on any of the views/objects executed in Denodo? Thanks

notification alert failure error email