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create a view that only shows user access and query activity from the logs

I am working with a data source that someone set up that is tapping into the vdp logs. is there a way to filter for only records in that data source that show who, what and when a particular data source/view was accessed?

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Fetching View's underlying query

Hi Denodo team, I have a requirement of fetching view and also the query through which this view is created if that view is created by query.I have tried GET_VIEWS(), CATALOG_VDP_METADATA_VIEWS() and CATALOG_METADATA_VIEWS() procedures.But none of them...

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Store logs in csv format S3

Hello, I have set up the log4j.xml file to store the VDP-queries log to S3 location. I can see that the files stored are in an unreadable format. Can you please let me know if I can store them in csv format? I have followed the below link to set it up...

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Change the delimiter in Denodo VDP-Queries logs

Hello, We are working on reporting the Queries used by the users. We have edited the Logj4.xml file to get the queries logged into VDP-Queries.log file. But the rows are being delimited by tabs. Can you please help us in what we need to change in the ...

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Logging of User Queries via ODBC

Hello, We have lots of users querying Denodo views via ODBC connection in Power BI. Is there an option to get the information of the different queries run by them via Denodo to report them.

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change query-log values

Hi, by exploring the logfiles, in vdp-queries.log is one column called "server_name", having the value "vdp" in all logfiles. Is it possible to configure denodo to show the physical name of the server in this column?

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