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Getting folders and subfolders using VQL

Hi all, Is it possible to execute a VQL query to get all folders with their full paths? For example, if I have a folder called 1. Base Views and in that folder I have a folder called Archive is it possible to query and get: Base Views Base Views...

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List Database Folders

Hi, is there a way to list the denodo folders for a particular denodo database via VQL? so for example: sandbox (database) - 0. Raw Data (folder) - 1. Interfaces (folder) - 2. Derived Views (folder) - 3. Final Views (folder) So i want to be able t...

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Folder structure using ODBC driver

Many of our users connect to Denodo using the ODBC driver, version 7. Our databases have interfaces structured in folders, which are visible through VDP, and certain other tools (such as DB Visualizer). However, most reporting tools (ex. Excel, Power B...

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Create a folder dinamically in Scheduler

I need to create a CSV exporter and I need that this exporter create a folder with the date. Is this possible? Example: /output/20191120/extract.csv /output/20191122/extract.csv ...

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Best Practices for initial set up/organization of the Server Explorer folders

Hello, my colleague and I are relatively new to Denodo and currently we are putting together a set of best practices and trying to determine the best way to organize folders in Server Explorer. I am reaching out to see if Denodo has any best practices/...

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