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conversion of SQL function to Denodo

UPDATE: I got something to work with REGEXP. I couldn't figure out how to delete my question. No longer need help. I'm using this statement in Oracle SQL: case when instr(reverse(tx.tx_comment), ';', 1) <> 0 then reverse(trim(substr(reverse(tx...

INSTR substring


Find occurrence of a character in a string

I have similar data as below in a field. asgbf-4567-7836-001 asgbf-4568-238965-0471 uhsnfhed-248-76398-46921-89432 AA-001-567-8934-98345-200 The requirement is to find out the occurrence of '-' in the data and extract the particular substring of data....

Reg EXP INSTR substring


Reply to my another question - How to use 3 parameters in 'instr' function?

Hi DENODO Team, I need to read the given string in reverse order ( from reverse position). STRING: ‘abcd-E3/FGHIJ:KL-MNOP-QRST’ As per your last reply answer, I will get the 1st position of symbol ‘-‘, which is 4 SELECT INSTR(SUBSTR(‘abcd-E3/FGHIJ:...