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scheduler job dependency set without adding cron expression in trigger section.

we need to set the job dependecy without adding cron expression in scheduler as the job is going to start with dependency via scheduler api using other tools.

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Trigger date and action

Hi all does Denodo have the possibility to verify that the data on the tables has been updated? And in case do an action? regards



Trigger a job to run every day at 4am

I am having trouble figuring out the format required to use the Cron expression to trigger a cache to be exected every moring at 4am US EST. Can someone provide guidance? It is hard to understand the documentation.

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Cron expression with linked jobs

I have multiple linked jobs, and I would like to add a cron expression. If I start the jobs manually I launched executing "Start with dependecies" in the last job, but If I want to add a cron expresion, I need to add the cron expresion in all the jobs...

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How to schedulle a run in Scheduler every first Sunday of each month?

I would like to schedule a run of jobs every first Sunday at 3 pm of each month. Could you help? Thank you

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Denodo scheduler job trigger based on external jobs

Hello, we have a senario where we need the Denodo jobs to be triggered based on external Corntab jobs, I know we can create dependencies based on other Denodo jobs. But I'm wondering if there is a way to trigger the Denodo Scheduler job as soon as t...

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