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Denodo date function conversion

I have a field with data type odf text that returns value in the format : '2021-01-10T07:04:38Z' How can I convert it to locale specific date format so that I can perform date operation on it??

Date Conversion to_timestamp Date time function



i have two field one for years and the other for month i want to combine the to one field of type timpstamp i used the function to_timestamp but it did not work

to_timestamp denodo training timestamp


"The parameters of the function 'to_timestamp' cannot be delegated to this database." in MS SQL Server 2017

Hi. In my view, I use the TO_TIMESTAMP function to parse a string to a timestamp. In the VQL, it looks like this: to_timestamp('dMMyy', common.i_bv_erp_kund.creation_date) But now, queries involving this view won't get pushed down to the source becaus...

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