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Finished with error: Function 'ifnull' with arity 2 not found

This is my query which I am trying to use in VQL Shell "SELECT srno_0, employeeid, firstname, lastname, country, Coalesce ( CASE WHEN Country= "USA" THEN (concat(ifnull(substr(SSN,1,3), ''), '-XX-XXXX')) end, CASE WHEN Country!= "USA" THEN (concat(ifn...

coalesce CASE


Using the COALESCE function with Dates

Will appreciate if someone can help me with the following using the COALESCE function Query purpose: To return a particular Date value. If no Date value is returned, use January 1 0001 as the default Select coalesce(bv_test.find_my_dt, to_date('MMMM ...