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Compound types denodo - Mongodb

Hi, Context : -I have different documents within a collection in mongodb : - I have the collection with document A and document B - In the document A , I have an element "F1" of type "Array of objects" with sub-fileds "sub-Fi" - In do...

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Problem with types in denodo

Hi, I imported a collection from mongodb. The collection is a json with different subfileds of type object and array. In denodo, some subfileds of type array are correctly identified as "array" and other subfileds are identified as "text" instead of "a...

CAST ARRAY Compound Types


Compound data type error

I am trying to create an array data type, I tried the following syntax shared in the below link

ARRAY Compound Types


Returning an existing compound type from executeReturnType

I have a bunch of complex compound types defined via CREATE TYPE syntax. Can I use them as a custom function return type, that is, return this type from executeReturnType()? E.g. something like this: @CustomExecutorReturnType public CustomRecordTy...

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