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Compound types denodo - Mongodb

Hi, Context : -I have different documents within a collection in mongodb : - I have the collection with document A and document B - In the document A , I have an element "F1" of type "Array of objects" with sub-fileds "sub-Fi" - In do...

Type Conversion ARRAY Register Error Compound Types mongodb


to_char equivalent

Hi i want to acheive below in denodo. TO_CHAR(1210.73, '9999.9') Result: ' 1210.7' Where '9999.9' is value coming from my_table column name "format" and 1210.73 is value of my_table column name "o_ips" so basically it is select to_char(o_ips,form...

Type Conversion to_char


MongoDB Custom Wrapper - Type Conversion (Object, String)

Hi everyone, I have some issues with data type conversion while using the MongoDB Custom Wrapper. The following example Data illustrates the issue. /* 1 */ { "_id" : ObjectId("5f22f0c2754d8395a9b0acb9"), "Id" : "00Qi000000Jr44XEAR", "Nam...

Type Conversion Custom Connector Data Type Conversion Error Handling mongodb


Data Type Conversion in Delimited File Data Source

Hi, I am trying to create a Selection View in order to convert text value columns in a delimited file based data source to other data types, based on :

Type Conversion Delimited File text field