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Denodo 7.0 compatibility with vertica 10 version?

Hi Team, We are using Denodo 7 version which is connectinf with vertica 9 version. Now vertica application need to be updated to latest version i.e 10. We are concern about whether denodo 7 supports vertica 10 connectivity. In the default jdbc adapter...

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Denodo 7.0 supports MySQL innoDB cluser 5.7?

Hi Team, The underlying Mysql is going to upgrade to EE innoDB 5.7 version. I am concerned about whether Denodo 7.0 supporets this architecture or not. We can connect with Mysql right now but really concern about the comapatibility of Denodo for innoD...

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How to run statistics using Denodo Scheduler

I tried to use Denodo Scheduler to update the stats on a base view following the instructions here: However, I always...

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