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Storing Denodo Monitor logs in an external Database

I have followed this video and try to configure our Denodo Monitor to store the information generated by the queries monitor and/or the cache monitor in a MS SQL SERVER database. I get following er...

Denodo Monitor external database


Question about external database

In my project, we are planning to use external cache database and external metadata database. I know how to setting it by using vdp admin tool or web gui, cause it is written on manual. There will be has no problem if the environment is windows or linu...

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How to store the data of role management to external metadataDB (Solution Manager)

Hi denodo team In general, the Roles Management are stored as part of the Metadata of the Embedded DB. After i enabled the External metadata database of Solution Manager, the new value should be store into External metadata database when i add a new r...

Solution Manager Role Management external Database


Denodo storing the data in external database.

Hi Team, If connection breaks from Denodo to exteranl database dues to some network issue or if external database instance goes down then what is retry startergy? How often Denodo tries to reconnect? what is max retry count?

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External database for Denodo metadata or cache repository

What RDBMS options do we have as external databases if we want to setup an RDBMS to keep denodo's metadata or cache ? I read under the Data Catalogue section that the external database technology choices are - Derby Embedded MySQL 5.6 and 5.7 Oracle 12...

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Denodo cache storing at external DB

Please I want to ask if I can store denodo cache at external database ( as mysql or other) ?

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Access to Derived Views from Mysql or Postgres

I have created some derived views and I need to read the data from those views and process the data and save it in an external database (Mysql, postbres), in a custom table. How you could do that? Or is possible to publish the information that I get fr...

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