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cron jobs

Hi Team, How to create a cron job which should run Monday to Friday at 4 PM (all 5 weekdays only) (not on weekends) Thanks



scheduler job dependency set without adding cron expression in trigger section.

we need to set the job dependecy without adding cron expression in scheduler as the job is going to start with dependency via scheduler api using other tools.

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Cron expression with linked jobs

I have multiple linked jobs, and I would like to add a cron expression. If I start the jobs manually I launched executing "Start with dependecies" in the last job, but If I want to add a cron expresion, I need to add the cron expresion in all the jobs...

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How to schedulle a run in Scheduler every first Sunday of each month?

I would like to schedule a run of jobs every first Sunday at 3 pm of each month. Could you help? Thank you

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