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LDAP Baseview creation Error

Hi, I have created a LDAP datasource with the server URL(ldap://<Server Name>:389), User id and Password. When I test the connection it says 'Connection tested successfully' But when I try to create Base view I am getting the error 'Unable to co...



user privileges

Hi Denodo team, I am using CATALOG_PERMISSIONS procedure to get user privileges for each userID and each ad group. How can run this procedure to get every userID privileges from every database/ ad group

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from which Object class I have to create baseview to get AD group list

Denodo team replied me: "Since there’s no real way to distinguish between roles that were created by denodo or imported from LDAP once they’re in the system, the easiest way to achieve what you’re looking for is going to be to make a data source poin...

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Create LDAP User using VQL

All, I searched the forums, but all i could find are references to the VQL docs and another stating we shouldn't create ldap users using VQL. I'm trying to follow the syntax in the VQL guide but am not having any luck creating an LDAP user via VQL. H...

VQL LDAP Create User


LDAP Query Question

I am trying to query LDAP/AD to determine the users who have specific roles. 1. I have created a base view that queries users returning CN and DN. 2. I have created a base view that queries groups returning MemberOf and PrincipalName. Each of these...

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LDAP Cross-Forest Connection

We have an established 2 way trust between our Active Directory forest and a sister companies forest. I am able to access their Sharepoint instance. I am however having trouble in 2 areas in Denodo: 1) When I try to connect to their AD domain in an ...

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