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Hi, I am trying to create JDBC datasource using MYSQL adaptor. The test connection is successful but when Save the source and try to create base views of tables I am unable to see any tables in my database. I have granted all the access to the databas...

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Denodo JDBC Driver Issue

We are trying to connect Denodo with Tableau and Databricks with JDBC driver "denodo-vdp-jdbcdriver-8.0-update-20220815" and also the previous version of driver. Our current version of Denodo Installation is also the same "Denodo 8.0-20220815". But whi...

Denodo vdp jdbc driver


java.sql.SQLException: Internal error executing query. No results returned

Hi Denodo Community Team, I try to retrieve table data using denodo-vdp-jdbcdriver-8.0-update-20220815. Connection is established success but getting java.sql.SQLException: Internal error executing query. No results returned. Further, first time it is ...

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Pass custom parameters via jdbc and read them as session/env variables

Hello, I have a requirement where I would like to pass a custom parameter via denodo jdbc driver from northbound connectivity. I would also like to read the value of this parameter within Denodo as a session/environment variable and potentially use t...

Denodo vdp jdbc driver


Read timed out when configuring HTTPS proxy in denodo data source

Hello, I am trying to configure HTTPS proxy with authorization for the Denodo data sources in the Server Configuration panel

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API Response to update data table

Hello, Is it possible for a API Call to do an Update or an Insert. If the data exists Update if not then Insert. Also is the PUT response method available in the express version?

#API #Rest_API update HTTP Denodo vdp jdbc driver


Error in connecting to Denodo from Databricks

Hi Team, I am trying to connect to Denodo server from Azure Databricks using spark read api for jdbc like: url = "jdbc:vdb://%s:%s/%s" % (server, port, vdb) remote_table = ( .format("jdbc") .option("driver", driver) .option("url", url) .opti...

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Why there are different ports assigned for JDBC (9999) and ODBC(9996)?

Generally there will be single port to which an application can connect from both jdbc as well as odbc. Why denodo is providing different ports for both?

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DENODO connection from IBM Infosphere Datastage

We are trying to establish connectivity from within IBM infosphere datastage (V using JDBC stage. Datastage is running on AIX machine version 7.2 I have downloaded the required jar file "denodo_vdp_jdbcdriver.jar" and placed it inside direct...

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JDBC driver not connecting to database

I have downloaded & installed denodo-vdp-jdbcdriver-8.0-update-20210209 in an Windows application to create a connection. I am able to successfully connect to the server but it does not appear to be connecting to the database. Full connection URL...

JDBC driver for Denodo 8 JDBC Denodo vdp jdbc driver