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Long running query timing out even with querytime=0 in context

Denodo 8, update 20230914, sql server db. The following query is finishing with error: select * from metrics_dashboards.dv_monitor_datasources CONTEXT('cache_preload'='true', 'cache_wait_for_load'='true', 'cache_return_query_results'='false', 'cache_in...



External metadata database (postgresql)

On data platform for VDP in design studio we can mention the schema name specifically. regenerateMetadata --adapter <adapter-name> --version <adapter-version> --driver <driver-classname> [--driverProperties <driver-properties>...

VDP Scheduler Data catalog external metadata DB Solution Manager External Metadata DB


Virtual DataPort 8.0: Remote license not found. The server is not registered in Solution Manager. When 2 SM server is load balanced

We have installed two solution managers and configured Postgresql as an external metadata database. These two SM machines are load balanced using an external TCP load balancer. Firewall ports 10091, 19090, and 19443 are opened in the load balancer so i...

Solution Manager Load Balancer VDP


Download big query result

Hi, I am trying to download the result of a big query to csv (1 million rows) from vdp, unfortunately the application crashes after a while. I think the problem is that my pc has limited cpu and memory... is there a way to make VDP or any other Deno...

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VDP to Data Catalog auto Sync sometimes failed

Hi Team, Used below curl cmd to auto sync metadata from VDP to Data Catalog, it sometimes failed, somes succeeded. Is below command correct? curl --request POST --user "userid:password" --header "Content-Type: application/json" --data "{ \"proceedWithC...

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Denodo 8: synchronize the VDP server metadata with Data Catalog using Data Catalog REST API

Hi Team, I am following page for metadata synchronization from VDP to Data Catalog for Denodo 8. Can you please help confirm if the Denodo 8 can use ...

Denodo 8 REST API VDP Synchronize Data Catalog


TomcatManager error when starting VDP

Hi Denodo Team, We are using denodo 8.0 version, and we have been having an error related to TomcatManager when starting VDP server; In vdp.log: 2276 [main] INFO 2021-06-08T14:35:05.800 server.start [] - Starting Denodo Platform 8.0 20210209 - Proces...

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handelng leading zeros

Hey Team, I have a Database (SAP) that I connect via the custom wrapper (RFC Calls). In this I have a column that contains leading zeros. It usualy contains int with 8 digits but itis saved as text with 10 char (2 leading zeros). Is it possible to map ...

VDP SAP leading zeros


Number formatting - equivalent to to_char?

I need to format a number as 9,999.00 (ex: 2,324.22). In Oracle I would use the to_char function. Do you have any built-in functions that would do anything similar?

VDp mask


VDP v7 Not able to pull from Gitlab

Hi - when pulling the latest code from remote, it succedes. We can see the correct files on the Denodo server. But when pulling inside the VDP client, not all changes appear, but no error is reported. We are running version v7.0.2x We can also push...