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Transient "Insufficient privileges" error when connecting through ODBC using an AD user

Hi, We have an AD group (imported as Role in Denodo) with Admin privileges over a VDB. When we try to connect to that Denodo VDB through ODBC using an AD account associated to that group, sometimes we get a successful connection and some other times w...

LDAP Connection with ODBC


LDAPS query results from Azure are truncated

First, let me preface this by saying that I know nothing about the product. My expertise in is Active Directory (AD), but I was brought into this issue to explore a possible cause related to AD. We have a user who runs queries on the Groups OU. The On...



integrate Azure Active Directory (AD) in On-prem Denodo VDP

We have installed Active directory on Azure, created users, groups etc. Now want to integrate Denodo VDP to this AD for importing users/groups etc. not able to get the proper uri for the service and get it working in Denodo.



LDAP Authentication

Hi team, We have able to set up the LDAP authentication for the users and created roles in Denodo VDP tool but not imported the roles. The users are able to connect with Denodo components as per the privileges provided to them. The Problem is that whe...

LDAP Role and User Management


Azure Denodo database with Direct query Power BI

Hi, I am looking solution to connect Denodo database with Power BI direct query method. I am able to connect Power BI desktop with Denodo database using ODBC connection but unable to view the content into Power BI service. I am connecting Power BI de...

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PK assign - Unexpected error executing operation: null

I have a baseview I created from our LDAP connection. I am trying to set the field samaccountname as the PK and I get the following error message: Unexpected error executing operation: null Is there a reason for this?

LDAP primary keys Error


LDAP Datasource & Base View Creation

System Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description: Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS Release: 18.04 Codename: bionic Denodo Version: 8 (denodo-install-8.0-ga-linux64) Updates: None Issue Ldap datasource gets created fine & 'Test Connection' succeeds. But the creatio...

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LDAP openldap


Querying Active Directory

Is it possible to check all of the AD Groups that an AD Username belongs to or, inversely, all of the Usernames that are a member of an AD Group using the LDAP Data Source? Scenarios: I need to know the AD Groups of a specific Username. I only ha...

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LDAP server role creation

Hi Team, We have a new requirement to create a an AD group and he should be able to access denodo without username and password entry. Please help me with some useful information to do this. When I checked, LDAP data source already created by previous...

LDAP import ldap roles


LDAP Microsoft ACtive Directory services

Hi Team, I am trying connect the LDAP Microsoft ACtive Directory services to set up Single sign on. I am able to connect LDAP server by creating data source. I am created a base view with Objectclass->User->userprincipalname Got a error java.secu...