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Base view from HTTP with headers but no payload/body

I have a JSON data source which first needs an authentication call (HTTP POST), that returns the session cookie to be used in consecutive (HTTP GET) calls. Unfortunately the first POST call doesn't return any HTTP body, so I can't create a base view. ...

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JSON Data Source with optional Interpolation Variables

I want to make a JSON Data Source from this URL: This URL supports filtering by adding query strings to the end of the URL. These simple query string filters are optional. Here are 2 such examples? https://...

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Unable to use row_number() function when JSON as Data source

Hi,I am using JSON as data source. I would like to use row_number() function in my view. Getting data source from API in JSON format. Base view is created from the root JSON array. I have used flattern view to remove the top JSON array. From the fla...

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Dendo Design Studio's problem with Neo4J

Hello Team, I'm using Denodo 8 via Web Design Studio. I created the Neo4j datasource via HTTP configuration with post method, also making use of a Json file. I inserted the fields via the following source query: {"statements": [ \{ "statement": "MATCH ...

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REST Webservice as DataSource with optional parameters

I am using a REST Webservice as a Datasource. To get the data, the Webservice GET function takes three Parameters "accountingClientId", "customerId" and "invoiceId". The first two are mandatory, the third is optional. I managed to do this by using ^Exe...

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JSON datasource - HTTP POST - ARRAY request and response FLATTEN

HI, i've set a JSON source for the API, with a parameter in POST body. CREATE DATASOURCE JSON ds_openfigi FOLDER = '/01-connectivity/01-data-sources/openfigi' ROUTE HTTP 'http.CommonsHttpClientConnection,120000' POST 'http...



Denodo and SSRS json data source

I am trying to use SSRS to connect to Denodo as a data source. The ODBC connection takes far too long to establish the connection - longer than it takes Denodo to return to data and longer than SSRS takes to render the report by an order of magnitude. ...

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Dynamic Query in JSON

Hi team, How to create a dynamic query for the specific field or multiple fields? Because, I think Dynamic query helps to filter the data in runtime and gets to filter the huge data and provide the result much faster than the usual one. So I need to ...

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Optional URL Parameter for HTTP JSON Datasource

Hello, Is there a way to create interpolation variable and make it as an optional for GET Request on HTTP JSON datasource

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