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Create a custom date for the output file name in denodo scheduler

Hi, In scheduler output file name, i'm looking to get the last day of the previous month's date. Currently the only solution I've found is to use the DOCUMENT_FIELD_NAME variable which however is not suitable for my case because the data would be print...

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When use to run vql, where is the vql output file?

We have linux machine with denodo client installed, we use to run some vql file like below: $DENODO_HOME/bin/ -f ${vqlFile} -h "${databaseURI}?${uid}@${passwords}&queryTimeout=9" > ${tempFile} 2>&1 The vqlFile we run ha...

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Removing Input Values from the View Output

I am trying to figure out a way in VQL to remove the input values from the records that are returned in the veiw. I am able to remove them in the REST Data Service, but I need them to be removed in the Interface View. Thanks!

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