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Text to decimal with Impala as source in Denodo

Hi, Im currently facing conversion challenge while using Impala as the source for denodo, while converting text to decimal. In teradata we are successfully using to_number for this conversion , but the same approach doesnt working with impala in denod...

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How to use double as datatype

Hi, I'm currently working on a Impala query where I want to calculate the sum of a field in a table, and I need to cast it as a double. However, I'm encountering an error, and I could use some assistance. SELECT SUM(CAST(fieldname AS double)) FROM ta...

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Bit datatype transforms to boolean in denodo base views

I have one scenario where one of the fields from the source(MSSQL) is a bit datatype while creating a base view in denodo it gets transformed into boolean datatype. Users want to see the results in 0/1 instead of true/false. Even end user application...

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Data type mapping

Hi, Happy New Year I have been asked to produce a data type mapping from Oracle to Denodo. I can't figure out what happens, for instance to integers: In Oracle an integer would be a Number(38), so -999..(38 9s) to 999... In Denodo the Int data type h...

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