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Error when using RANK function for SAP data source

Hi, I am getting error while using a RANK function in Denodo v7. Error: "Finished with error: Error executing view: Function rank is not executable" Please let me know Will denodo support RANK function for SAP data source? If Yes, let me know how to f...



Where Condition on Analytical Function Output

Denodo 6.0 20201123 I created a new field from the RANK analytical function in one of my datasets. In order to do so, I had to use the workaround of sending the data from a view down to a temporary table on a SQL server. This was because part of the d...

condition Analytical RANK WHERE


Push down not working in Dendo Version 7

we recently went though an upgrade from Denodo 6 to Denodo 7. We followed the migration guide provided by Denodo. All seemed to have worked. Data was flowing and users logging in. However, some users started placing queries that worked just fine in den...

RANK Function Migration QUERY_TIMEOUT Rank Upgrade


Microstrategy report running against Denodo

When we run a Microstrategy report that is pointing to Denodo, we are not getting the correct results and SQL. The report needs the top 3 records. When the report is run against DB2, the SQL contains a Rank function. When the same report is run against...