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Connection pooling in Denodo

Is connection pooling allowed in Denodo Express 6.0? If yes, how can it be configured in the JDBC data source? Should I pass poolEnabled parameter in the Database URI? What will be the equivalent feature/option going forward if poolEnabled is deprecated?

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Unable to connect to oracle database on my network from Denodo Express (on VirtualBox)

Denodo Express 5.5.2 on VirtualBox From Denodo Express (running on VirtualBox), how do I connect to one of my Oracle databases in a server on my network? On Denodo Express, I am able to browse the internet. How do I configure and connect to my oracle ...

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Data Sources - Combining Multiple Flat Files

A Data Source pushes data in CSV format into a Local machine. EveryMonth a Folder is generated with the file set. Each folder has aroun 150 files. Example Folder Name : DS_Jan17 Files : Account, customer, Products etc Folder Name : DS_Feb17 Files : Acc...

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Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Is there any well known way to integrate Denodo with EDW running on Azure SQL Data Warehouse?

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