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I need to converter this TO_CHAR(9999, 'fm00000') for a vql. Is that possible? Thank you. Regards

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I need to force index in a integration view with out edit base view from query

Hi, can us help me with that? i want to know if is possible to "force use index" in a oracle sql db by a integration view. /+ INDEX(bd.table IDX_EXAMPLE) / Thanks,

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Help rewriting REGEXP_LIKE Query to VQL

We are needing some assistance/suggestions in rewriting the following Oracle query. Query is basically creating a list(listagg) of a list of regions gathered from abc.table123 (security config table, each row is different region), and then needs to be ...

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Webpage that Automates Oracle SQL to VQL Converter

Hi, I have very quick question -- is there an existing page somwhere that helps convert Oracle SQL queries to VQL? The intent is, through that helpful page (if it exists), we could quickly and easily convince our non-IT users to use Denodo derived view...

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