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Denodo doesn't push down nest function into source while caching

Hi All, I have an impala data source and I connect to it using JDBC in Denodo. While applying caching on a derived view contains a column that's an array of some other columns using nest function, I got this message in the execution plan: Denodo doesn...

Caching JDBC Nest


Connect Denodo Database in Superset

Hi, I'm a newbie here and I'm struggling with adding a new Denodo database connection in Superset. I have followed the documentation but the connection is not successful.

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Determining the driver version of clients through Denodo server logs (such as connection/query monitor logs)

Is there a way to know what's the version of the jdbc/odbc drivers being used by the clients connection to our Denodo servers? The ideal would be to have this info displayed for each row in the connection/query monitor logs. Similar to the 'access_int...

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How to check the Denodo JDBC connection

Is Databse name is mandatory for testing the denodo connection if yes then how to test the denodo jdbc connection, is there any way or any test query of it to do it in Java.

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How to cancel the query while connected through jdbc.

Hi, I'm trying to cancel the query in the jdbc connection setup but it's not working, can anyone help me out on this? I'm using the denodo-vdp-jdbcdriver-8.0-update-20230914 jar file.

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port usage and pod setup

While on 20230301 container version I have the deployment for Denodo set on 30299 port using TLS. This port is also exposed on cluster port 30299. Clients are able to connect to this POD using jdbc driver with connect string as "jdbc:vdb://denodo.k8clu...

Denodo 8 kubernetes JDBC


Error in connecting to Denodo from Databricks

Hi Team, I am trying to connect to Denodo server from Azure Databricks using spark read api for jdbc like: url = "jdbc:vdb://%s:%s/%s" % (server, port, vdb) remote_table = ( .format("jdbc") .option("driver", driver) .option("url", url) .opti...

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specifying the adapter for a jdbc datasource from VQL (as opposed to: from the admin tool)

When creating a jdbc datasource via VQL with a driver from lib/extensions/jdbc-drivers-external/... it seems that always the generic adapter is selected. However I want to control the adapter. Is that possible via VQL or in any other way programmatical...



Why there are different ports assigned for JDBC (9999) and ODBC(9996)?

Generally there will be single port to which an application can connect from both jdbc as well as odbc. Why denodo is providing different ports for both?

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Connection JDBC Denodo AWS Free Trail to MYSQL Database dosent work

Hi, i am working with the Denodo Free Trail Version on AWS ( access to Web Design Studio ) and with the Denodo Express Version. The Tutorial i start working with is doing good on ...

Denodo_MySQL JDBC tutorial free-trial