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ODBC with SAP HANA in Linux

Hello, In a linux server I have installed Denodo, and I need to create a ODBC datasource to connect with SAP HANA, and I readed that I need to use SAP HANA 2.0 ODBC driver. How can I configure Denodo and how can I create the datasource?

ODBC SAP Linux SAP BW/4HANA DataSource


Required Parms in Power BI Denodo Custom Connector

I am trying to use the Denodo Custom Connector in Power BI but I keep getting errors when the interface I want to use has a required parameter. How can I get around this problem? (there is a similar issue with ODBC and I'm hoping the answer isn't to wr...

ODBC Power BI Custom Connector Parameter


Power Query doing a different join than set in Denodo

Hi - I have a view containing 2 tables being right-joined in Denodo but in Excel, it is automatically doing an inner-join. Besides importing the data, is there any other way around this? I am currently connected to Excel through an ODBC. *edit - I w...

ODBC Power Query


Connecting MS ACCESS

Dear reader, I am trying to connect to a MS ACCESS DB. I followed the instructions in this post: I am getting the following err...

ODBC MS Access


Denodo ODBC driver is causing ODBC msc to crash suddenly

Out of the blue, Denodo ODBC driver is causing the ODBC msc to crash when I attempt to open a previously created or to add a new Denodo ODBC System DSN. Have other's experienced this as well?



ODBC connection issue

I am trying to connect sql server 2014. I installed ODBC drivers provided from denodo but connection issue as below. What is the fix for this?? "Unable to establish connection: server closed the connection unexpectedly This probably means the server t...



Connecting to multiple databases with ODBC Connection

My goal is to be able to query multiple databases in a workflow, but I am not able to determine how to set up one ODBC connection that allows you to query more than one, or how to set up multiple ODBC connections that are each mapped to one database. I...



ODBC Timeout.

I created a ODBC connection DSN to Denodo, using the Denodo ODBC driver, that is using a long running query. I had the timeout set and eventhough the query was still returning data, the connection timedout according to the setting. That is not the beha...



Joining JDBC and ODBC base views, fail execution (ODBC error)

I am doing the first course of the Denodo Developer Certification. I am trying to join (inner join, any type of join method) bv_wo_customer table, from an Oracle-JDBC based source, with bb_cc_service_call, from an MS Access-ODBC based source, by commo...

ODBC Access JDBC join


Denodo Java 8 JDBC-ODBC bridge road map

We are attempting to upgrade our Denodo to the latest version (v60 update 20170515). This version supports Java 8 which helps us with some new data source connectors, however due to the jdbc-odbc bridge not supported in Java 8, we will be unable to use...

ODBC JDBC DataSource jdbc java8