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Decimal precision issue with division in Denodo with Teradata as data source

Hi Im encountering issues with decimal precision while performing division in denodo, my data souce is Teradata Heres the scenario: In Teradata when I have values like 16,968 and divide the number by 100. Teradata is returning the result by rounding...

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Teradata 17.10 support in Denodo 8

Does Denodo 8 support Teradata 17.10 JDBC? If not now, when will it be supported? Thanks!



Same query, different results

I have a derived query that joins data from Teradata and AWS Athena sources. Both data sources are updated nightly. The derived view takes about 20minutes to complete. I noticed that the same query returned different results when executed back to back....

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Create base view from exist stored procedure at teradata source

Hi, please I have stored procedure exist at teradata source and I need to create baseview using this stored procudre , so I tried to make base view by using create from sql query and type call pocedureName() but error appears " [Teradata Database] [Ter...

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query bands to teradata.

my team is impementing denodo with one of our customer facing apps calling denodo. denodo then will reach out to Teradata. so the jdbc from my app will be calling the denodo views/objects ( which are inherintly mapped to my teradata views/objects). ...

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[Teradata Database] [TeraJDBC] [Error 3706] [SQLState 42000]

I am trying to create a Denodo base view from an already developed Teradata view used in Tableau TDE. THe same query executed fine in Teradata, but give the below error while I try to create a base view from query n Denodo. com.denodo.util.exceptions....

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Function LASTDAYOFMONTH not delegated to Teradata

Hallo Denodo Team, Investigating the reasons why a query is not delegated to the Teradata data source, we have read this explanation: The function 'lastdayofmonth' cannot be delegated to this database Teradata has a corresponding function, namely LA...

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Is it possible to create volatile table(temp table) in teradata via Denodo?

I was trying to create a baseview in denodo by using the below query. i am getting an exception com.denodo.util.exceptions.InternalErrorException: [Teradata JDBC Driver] [TeraJDBC] [Error 1077] [SQLState HY000] executeQuery() cannot be us...

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Teradata as Cache Database and Configuring Monitoring Tool for Teradata

Teradata as cache Database: Does Denodo supports Teradata as caching database ? If yes then is it works as other RDBMS system does ? I wanted to confirm if I setup Teradata as cache database, element delegation such as function, subquery, etc, should w...

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