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Denodo stored procedure with input parameters to execute vcs(dvcscommit) command:

When i execute below stored procedure: (view_path IN VARCHAR, commit_message IN VARCHAR) AS ( param1 VARCHAR; param2 VARCHAR; ) BEGIN EXECUTE 'connect database poc'; EXECUTE 'dvcscommit ''@param1'' LOGMESSAGE ''@param2''' PARAMETERS ( param1, param2 )...

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Can Denodo VQL send emails?

I created a view that tists the metagroups (roles) that have been imported into Denodo. I'd like to send an email to these metagroups whenever there is an expected outage (when upgrading), or when a Denodo restored to service when it unexpectedly goes ...

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Custom Stored Procedure get credentials of the caller

Hello, the username of the caller can be extracted via environment.getDatabaseProperty("CURRENT_USER"); Is there any similar way to get the credentials of the user. I would need them to call the Data Catalog via REST Requests. Thanks in advance

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Custom Script

How can i achieve this.. I am having couple of tables T1 with column C1, C2, and C3 T2 with column D1, D2, and D3 I need to look into a table T1 based on where condition (where C1 = 'ABC') and check if column C3 having value. - If so i need to pick...

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Data shows as NULL for my Custom Stored Procedure output

My custom stored procedure seems to be performing all the tasks but displays the results on the VDP administration tool failing with the below error from the vdp.log file: 6106888826 [Access(1692)-244-02.00-mojodb.customscorer810] ERROR 2021-08-11T13:...

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Denodo doesn't recognize local file within stored procedure

I have denodo platform 8.0 running on EC2 installed using cloudformation template as per the installation guide by Denodo. I am trying to create a custom stored proc which has to read a license file (locally saved inside /opt/denodo/denodo-platform8.0/...

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How to obtain the input parameters of the custom stored procedure in the overridden initalize() method?

We want to execute some refresh vql command and get back the response through jdbc connection. Is it possible to obtain the input parameters in the initalize() method like we do in the doCall() And how do we extract and return the response of said vql...

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Error while creating a project in Eclipse

Hi I'm trying to create a new project in eclipse after installing the denodo4e software successfully, but its giving me an error saying wizard cannot be started. Please help me on this as my teams development activities are getting delayed because of...

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