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Denodo driver does not support datasource pooling

I am trying to connect to Denodo server using VDB JDBC driver. I want to access it through a WebSphere Application Server Application where I am trying to set a Pooled data source with following config: Implementation class: com.denodo.vdb.jdbcdriver....

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Denodo Driver Silent Install

Hi Everyone, I was hoping to get some insight in to installing the DenodoODBCx64.msi silently for users. I am working on an SCCM deployment and would love to automate the driver install and ODBC connection. I have the connection part down, but I canno...

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Folders not showing in Spotfire

We are connecting denodo to Spotfire using the JDBC driver. For our Data Source Template we have the XML below. Now, we can see all the objects we have authorize to display (mostly Base Views and Interfaces), however, the folders do not show. This is a...

Denodo 6.0 JDBC spotfire Driver


Is it possible to query only the data in the Cache of a derived view?

Hello - very new to Denodo and running into a questions I am looking for help with. Esentially, I have created an ODBC connection between our denodo databases and Alteryx. I am querying data from a denodo table, but I am only interested in returning da...

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Connector for SPARK SQL to Denodo

We are looking to integrate SPARK SQL with Denodo this we required to connect Denodo to run SPARK sql queries, similar to Hive 2 connectivity. Thank you, Venu



Missing Driver Creating New Data Source in VDP

When I attempt to create a new ODBC data source in the VDP there are missing drivers. The only Driver available via the drop down list is "SQL Server" I am attempting to create this for a "Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls)". Please let me know if there...

Missing New ODBC VDP data Driver source