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Delimited file data source, start at specific line

I am using DENODO VDP version 6.0 20170925. I want to create a demilited file data source, but my file contains comments in the first 6 lines, each comment marked with the character #. Is it possible to start reading the file only after the comments? T...

Delimited file data source


Delimited file source headers have _0 appended to them

Sorry, I tried to find an answer by searching but couldn't. I have a .csv data source where every column is enclosed in double quotes. When I create a base view off of this source the quotes are removed, which is great, but the header gets a "_0" appe...

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Is it possible to create data source in one format and save the view in different format (say parquet)

Hi, I have created a data source using ADLS2 container using csv format. Using that I have created a base view. Is it possible to save the base view is parquet format after the view is created in ADLS2.0?

Delimited file data source parquet file Export Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2


Creating Base View using Delimited files

Hi Team, I have one requirement: There is one folder on FTP path which contains text files(many text files) having record like Name:Neetu Age:34 Department:IT ContactDetails: Mob:123456 Phone:56778 Address:xyz EducationDetail: HighestQualification:...

Delimited file data source


Date Range parameter doesn't accept date

Hi, I am doing the denodo on demand training. One chapter has this excersize 'DEN70EDUD1102LAB02 - Create a Delimited File data source using DateRange function" The file saved in my local directory as below 20160101 20160102 20160103 20160104 2016010...

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multiple files Data Source with different columns

Dear Community, I have a case where multiple files represent a data source. On each file, the columns that I'm interested for my base view are present, but the files do not have the same column order. Because of this and selecting to ignore errors, w...

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Merging CSV Files With Delta Files Dumped Into A SFTP Server Daily.

Hey, I am using VDP v7.0 with the latest upated tools and server. I have a use case where we have an SFTP server acting as a data source for us, which has CSVs dumped into it by another system which creates reports for us. For our initial load, we wil...

Delimited file data source CSV update


denodo installation folder location

we try to create a datasource to open denodo logfiles as a source within denodo, but not all denodo installations are in the same folders. Does denodo have any variable we can use in the configuration of this datasource to have the location of the inst...

Delimited file data source variable


Tuple pattern for delimited file multiline

Hi Denodo Team, I have a delimited file with the below data format. In DVP, i would like to create a delimited file data source in tabular format. I have looked at the example given in the thread "Extract from Delimited File" from 2015 but could not g...

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