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OData Support in Denodo Express

Is there a way to enable the OData wrapper in the Express version. If not, is it possible to run a trial license on the full product including OData?

OData Express


Denodo Express Install Problem

During the [Configure] step (20 / 20) of installing Denodo Express, I recieve the following error message: Cannot run program "D:\Program Files\Denodo Platform\bin\vdpservice.bat": CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified. W...

vdpservice.bat createprocess express new installation


Column 'client_id' in order clause is ambiguous

I was following along in the tutorial "Data Virtualization Basics -> Advanced Operations -> Create a join view between heterogeneous sources". After creating the "client_with_bills" view, and executing the query, I get an error that states "Column 'cl...

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