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SQLServer as Cache with BCP - Best practices ?

Hello, When switching from MSSQL "standard" cache load, to a bulk-load using BCP, what are the best practices and recommendations regarding the SQL Server database ? The User Manuals (here) are quite laconic about that. Best regards

MSSQL bcp Cache


Updates failing in scheduler

I have designed a VDP job in schdeuler. I have two three columns in the MSSQL table and all three of them are part of primary column. In the exporter section of scheduler job I have set the config as below Delete table contents to false update tupl...

VDP Denodo Scheduler 7.0 Export MSSQL


Error: Received exception with message 'Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'into'

Select * into #Temp from xyz Select * from #Temp When I run this Script using Create Base view from Query, I am getting the below error message. Error: Received exception with message 'Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'into' MS SQL Server 2014 JDBC...

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into clause MSSQL


Unable to establish connection to MS SQL express

Receiving the following error when trying to establish a Denodo 7 connection to MS SQL express (Windows 10, MS SQL version 14.0.2002.14): Unable to establish connection: Cannot open database "MAXXPHASE" requested by the login. The login failed. ClientC...

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How to connected to a SQL server authenticated with SSPI

Hi, I need to connect to MS Sql Server 2014. Using username and password is working fine for my local database. But I need to connect it to a database which is SSPI authenticated. Denodo VDP is giving me option to create connection using string and so...

MSSQL Native SSPI library not loaded


Datatype Issue while creating a base view from SQL Server

I have a table in Sql server with a column of date datatype. For this instance : Create table table_name ( dob date ) ; I have created base view on top of this table. But in base view, datatype of dob as text datatype in denodo which is not expected...

DENODO MSSQL SQLServer sql server datatypes Date


Using CTE WITH clause for creating base view from query

I'm trying to use a CTE MS SQL query to flatten a dataset of employees and their managers. After looking through mutiple articles in the support section I was hoping I could use "create base view from query". This is giving an error saying - "Incorrect...

Base view quer cte MSSQL


How to connect the Denodo Server to the Microsoft SQL Server who supports SSL?

The Denodo Server is trying to connect to the Microsoft SQL Server using JDBC. But, the MS SQL SERVER forces SSL encryption. The SSL encryption can not be turned off on the the server so turning off SSL is not an option. In that case, how to connect th...



Left and right function in MSSQL

Is there a build function like "Left" or "Right" from MSSQL in Denodo? For example, a example string such as "ABCD". left ('ABCD', 1) will return 'A' right ('ABCD', 2) will return 'CD'

left right MSSQL


Query seems to be ignoring sql table clustered index

I have a base view pointing to a single MSSQL table. The table has a clustered index. The table has approximately 6 million rows in it. When I run the query from DBeaver using a simple where clause I get the same expected result as when I run the quer...

Ignoring Index MSSQL DBeaver