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ODBC connection | trusted non kerberos domain

Hello, We have configured Kerberos in 2 domains, domain1 and domain2. We have a scenario where we have 2-3 users from a different domain, domain3. We dont want to enable Kerberos to the whole domain we need need these 2-3 user of Domain3 to be able to...

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sspi continuation error the logon attempt Denodo 8009030c

Hello, A user is trying to connect to power BI using ODBC driver and while trying to connect she is getting the error as "ODBC: Error [08001] sspi continuation error the logon attempt failed Denodo 8009030c". There is no issue with the network trying ...

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ODBC Connection to EXCEL 16

I am having problem in which passwords are being required when refreshing existing data. If incorect information is provided the source will no longer work? I also notice the connection in 16 is different from 13? Please advise on the correct way to br...



Excel ODBC Driver limitations

Request for clarification regarding points on the Denodo Reference manual. The Excel ODBC driver provided by Micros...

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