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"SELECT top 1 1 as ID FROM <base view> uanble to excute

We have connected the SAP Database. when we are unable to excute the below query "SELECT top 1 1 as ID FROM &lt;base view&gt; " for the expected result ID 1 what changes can be done as the expected result thanks in Advance

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Cached view - Tableau Server will not pull in data

I have a view that I can see cached results for in the VDP. I have scheduler set to refresh this cache daily. For some reason Tableau Server will not succefully connect to this data source (it is visible in the connections list). It has ~250k rows and ...

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Sorting by Measures

I've been able to connect to Denodo via Tableau and was surprised that I could not sort by a Measure (total_amount). Does anyone know why I cannot sort by a measure? I'm connected to the amount_due_by_client tutorial data source.

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Connecting Tableau to Denodo

How do we conenct tableau to denodo? When i select Denodo in Tableau it need inputs like Server : Port : Database: Authentication: Username : Password : Can someone tell me with example where do i get these details?

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SSO to Denodo with Kerberos from Tableau Server 10.5

Curious, has anyone successfully tested Single Sign On to Denodo with Kerberos from Tableau Server 10.5.1? Thanks, Tony

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Denodo view in finding out Top 10(customers) by some measure in tableau

We are trying to use Denodo view in finding out Top 10(customers) by some measure in tableau.for this created a set in Tableau with top 10 and pulled in report and gave error "error connecting to denodo odbc" Can you tell any workaround for this or ho...

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Connection With Tableau

Hi Team, I have create a SIngel View in denodo . I have alos installed express edition of Tableu on my desktop. How to connect Tableu with Denodo and respresnt a Single view as report? Please guide.

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Where exactly do we need to add odbc64-denodo.tdc file?

I have been trying to connect from tableau to denodo, I can able to connect, but during fetching of the data, the following error shows up "an error occured while communicating with data source". So how to resolve this issue?

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What version of Tableau are you using in your BI tutorial?

On this page, , there are some screenshots of Tableau. Which version of Tableau is that? Thank you~!

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Not able to Make Connection successfully from Tableau to Denodo Platform 5.5 using ODBC

Hi Can any one Help me to sort it out the below Problem. I am running Denodo Express 5.5 and trying to connect to it via ODBC from Tableau 8.2 I am able to connect to Denodo and able to see Metadata not the data(Not able to Query). Could anyone provi...

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