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Data Movement & Cache

Hi , I have Denodo version 7.0.20181011. I have problems with the data movement and with the cache. once the cache is enabled on a DV everything runs correctly but the record is not in a validated state? how come? I also wanted to know if with the da...

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Databricks utilization for cache

I would like to get better understanding on how the Denodo caching with Azure Databricks + ADLS v2 works. My understanding is that we could also use directly ADLS v2 as a cache, but thanks to its computing power of Databricks, it is enhancing even more...

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Cannot setup Databricks as cache

Hi, I am trying to setup Azure Databricks + ADLS as cache. On the Linux server, logged into the docker container runnig Denodo instance, and I installed databricks-cli and configured with token. I can see the directories when executing dbfs ls, which m...

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fetch cache details.

Hi Team, I need to build views in Denodo, which could fetch below information: when was the view last refreshed how many records got loaded please suggest what tables from cache DB can be utilized . Thanks.



Remote table Vs Cache

What is the difference between remote table and cache

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Problem with Amazon Athena Cache

Hello, We have Denodo VDP 8.0 running in a Linux server. We add Amazon Athena Cache and we have a problem when try to store results in cache. The logs registered: FATAL YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MI:SS.FFF com.denodo.vdb.engine.thread.ReusableThread [] - runWork ...

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Denodo cache got invalidated while having changes at the source level

Hi Support, I have noticed that, whenever I have any of the column/data type changes at source level of any of my developed(cached) views, My cached views got automatically invalidated? so the Question is, Is there any way to keep the cache db as it ...

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Denodo Cache question

Hi Support, is it possible to use two different cache source at a same time? I mean to say to separate databases(like teradata & oracle) as cache? and If yes, then how we will synch up both at a same time? Thanks.

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Cache tables storing multiple cache records

Refers to Denodo 7. One of my cache tables stores multiple caches, although it is set up to invalidate all rows. Only when calling 'clean_cache_database' the invalid rows are being removed and the table gets cleared. Other very similar cache tables nev...



What specific value is represented by @LAST_REFRESH_DATE

Hello there, we are trying to implement a generic incremental cache load where we only update rows, that have been changed since the last time the cach load job ran. But to evaluate, whether our method is valid, we need to know, which timestamp is exa...

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