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Update multiple records in single call using rest web service

Hi, I've been able to setup a REST web service that allows me to update a single record using a PUT. However, we are running into severe performance issues running large batches of updates due to having to execute one http call per record to update. W...



Is it possible to send the 'distinct' modifier via web service?

Sometimes we want distinct elements returned, sometimes we don't. Is it possible to use a single view but send the 'distinct' modified via the web service? Or do we need to create another view that includes the distinct modifier? Thank you!

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How can we insert rows with a sequence generated primary key?

We would like to do POST requests to Denodo 5 webservices without including a primary key in the HTTP body/document and then have oracle generate the primary key based on a sequence. The equivalent SQL statement we are trying to mimic in Denodo is: ...

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